NHRA Driver Profile: Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is enjoying his second season of driving in the NHRA. However, the team has struggled so far this season as they head into a three week stretch starting this week in Houston. “We have been having issues with the clutch this season,” Campbell said. “I caught a good light in Vegas and the car did not go anywhere. We are getting a handle on it, Big Jim Dunn and the team are working on the issues and we are taking a step in the right direction. It’s just a matter of everything clicking together,” Campbell remarked.

Even though this season is not how Campbell would like to have started it, he does think that progress is being made with the car. “We are making some progress with the car,” Campbell stated. “We have had some issues with the clutch and dropped cylinders throughout the course of the season. However, we are making progress with the car,” Campbell continued.

In 2018, The Funny Car class in the NHRA will likely be the toughest class this year than in years past. With about 15 full time entries and the return of Bob Tasca III to full time competition, Campbell says that this may be the toughest it’s ever been in Funny Car. “I think that Funny Car is the toughest class in drag racing,” Campbell commented. “There are usually more Funny Cars than either Pro Stock or Top Fuel, and I think this year it could be the toughest year to fight for wins,” Campbell stated.

One of the biggest issues right now with the car is the clutch. The team this year switched to a six disc clutch and Campbell says it’s a learning curve for everyone involved. “Jim Dunn and John Dunn have been doing this for a long time and they will get it figured out,” Campbell said. “I’m just excited about the progress that we have been making with the car and hopefully we can pull out a win in these the next few weeks,” Campbell stated.

Campbell has noticed more fans in the seats at the NHRA races in 2018, and he says that is a great sign that the sport is doing well. “There were huge crowds at the 4 wide nationals last week in Vegas and Bruton Smith did a great job in promoting that race,” Campbell said. “I explain to fans all the time that it’s cool to watch it on TV, but you have to experience a race in person to truly get the full experience of a NHRA Race. You have to see it, you have to smell it to get the full experience, and there is nothing like it,” Campbell continued.

This week, The NHRA is in Houston for the Spring Nationals and Campbell is looking for a break out race. “We have to keep all of the cylinders lit and get it down the track. That’s the main thing we have to do,” Campbell remarked.

The NHRA is in Houston for the spring nationals this weekend. Coverage begins at 2pm on Sunday. The Race can be seen on FS1.